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This paper is concerned with a real-time observer-based fault detection (FD) approach for a general type of nonlinear systems in the presence of external disturbances. To this end, in the first part of this paper, we deal with the definition and the design condition for an L ∞ / L 2 type of nonlinear observer-based FD systems. This analytical framework is(More)
In this paper, regarding the observer form of the well-known Youla parameterization, the controller design and optimization are exhibited with an integrated residual access. To better reveal this philosophy, the feedback control loop is interpreted on the basis of the observer-based residual generator. The next main attention is drawn to the generation of(More)
With the increasing demand for higher performance, safety and reliability of dynamic systems, fault diagnosis has received more and more attention. The observer-based strategy is one of the active research fields, which is widely used to construct model-based fault detection systems for technical processes which can be well modelled as linear time invariant(More)
Currently keyword query is a hot research topic in dataspaces. Due to its unstructured feature it's difficult to understand the user's query intent and to explain the query properly. So we propose semantic keyword query mechanism based on entity association graph. First we propose a layered graph model to capture the associations between entities and entity(More)