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PGRP-SC2 Promotes Gut Immune Homeostasis to Limit Commensal Dysbiosis and Extend Lifespan
This work shows that, in the aging intestine of Drosophila, chronic activation of the transcription factor Foxo reduces expression of peptidoglycan recognition protein SC2 (PGRP-SC2), a negative regulator of IMD/Relish innate immune signaling, and homolog of the anti-inflammatory molecules PGLYRP1-4, and identifies SC-class PGRPs as longevity-promoting factors. Expand
Cortistatin protects against intervertebral disc degeneration through targeting mitochondrial ROS-dependent NLRP3 inflammasome activation
The role of CST in mitochondrial ROS and activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome in IVD degeneration is suggested, which might shed light on therapeutic targets for IVd degeneration. Expand
Berberine inhibits SDF-1-induced AML cells and leukemic stem cells migration via regulation of SDF-1 level in bone marrow stromal cells.
It is speculated that berberine might be a potentially effective agent for prevention of leukemia by reducing the secreting of SDF-1 by BMSCs and inhibiting HERG1 K(+) channels of leukemic cells. Expand
HERG K+ channel expression in CD34+/CD38−/CD123high cells and primary leukemia cells and analysis of its regulation in leukemia cells
It is reported that herg was expressed in CD34+/CD38−/CD123high LSCs but not expressed in normal bone marrow CD34+, and the expression of herg mRNA was not associated with the clinical and cytogenetic feature of leukemia. Expand
The role of hERG1 K+ channels and a functional link between hERG1 K+ channels and SDF-1 in acute leukemic cell migration.
The results showed that E-4031, a specific hERG1 K(+) channels inhibitor, significantly blocked SDF-1-induced migration ofLeukemic cell lines, primary acute leukemic cells, leukedmic stem cells and HEK293T cells transfected with herg-pEGFP. Expand
Ghrelin protects against osteoarthritis through interplay with Akt and NF‐κB signaling pathways
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common chronic degenerative disease characterized by degeneration in the joints and subsequent destruction of cartilage and bone, yet much remains to be elucidated regardingExpand
Comprehensive Analysis of Pathogen-specific Antibody Response in Vivo Based on an Antigen Library Displayed on Surface of Yeast*
A novel technique allowing quantitative measurement of polyclonal antibody response in vivo is reported, which has identified novel antigenic domains targeted by serum/plasma and allowed calculation of the relative proportion of the antibody response against each domain. Expand
Ghrelin protects against contact dermatitis and psoriasiform skin inflammation by antagonizing TNF-α/NF-κB signaling pathways
Exogenous ghrelin attenuated the inflammatory reaction induced by TNF-α in RAW264.7 cells and may represent a potential molecular target for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory skin diseases, including contact dermatitis and psoriasis. Expand
Ghrelin protects against nucleus pulposus degeneration through inhibition of NF-κB signaling pathway and activation of Akt signaling pathway
Ghrelin may represent a molecular target for prevention and treatment of intervertebral disc degeneration and the protective role of ghrelin in anabolism potentially relies on activation of Akt signaling pathway. Expand
[Methylation status of JunB and CDH13 gene promoter in CD34(+)CD38(-) chronic myelogenous leukemia cells].
It is concluded that the high methylation of JunB and CDH13 gene promoter occurs in CD34(+)CD38(-) cells of CML patients, their mRNA expression level is significantly lower, thus the methylation is probably plays a role in the pathogenesis of C ML and may have clinical significance in predicting prognosis. Expand