Linlin Chang

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Adriamycin, a widely used anthracycline antibiotic in multiple chemotherapy regimens, has been challenged by the cardiotoxicity leading to fatal congestive heart failure in the worst condition. The present study demonstrated that Dihydromyricetin, a natural product extracted from ampelopsis grossedentat, exerted cardioprotective effect against the injury in(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of small non-coding RNAs which play a critical role in plant growth and development. To detect strawberry miRNAs and discover the expression difference between conventional and micropropagated strawberry plants, we carried out the detection and quantification of strawberry miRNAs by microarray. The main findings were that 74(More)
Retrotransposon-based molecular markers are a powerful tool for mapping and diversity studies. The scarcity of retrotransposon long terminal repeat (LTR) sequences limits the application of retrotransposon-based molecular marker systems. Here, we isolated two novel complete Ty1-copia retrotransposons (CTcrm1 and CTcrm2) in apple using a genome walking(More)
Retrotransposons are ubiquitous in the plant kingdom and constitute a large fraction of many plant genomes. Although most retrotransposons from plants were thought to be transcriptionally silent in somatic tissues, evidence of activity under certain conditions is available in some cases. In this study, a complete LTR retrotransposon was isolated from the(More)
DNA methylation can control gene expression and may also play a role in plant development. Methylation of cytosine residues in DNA is enzymatically catalyzed by DNA methyltransferases. In this study, full-length genomic genes and cDNAs of methyltransferase (MET1) and domain-rearranged methyltransferase (DRM) were isolated from strawberry (Fragaria ×(More)
In spite of the tremendous efforts dedicated to developing hypoxia-activated prodrugs, no agents yet have been approved for clinical therapy. In the present study, the hypoxic selective anti-cancer activity as well as the cellular target of a novel tirapazamine (TPZ) analogue, 7-methyl-3-(3-chlorophenyl)-quinoxaline-2-carbonitrile 1,4-dioxide (Q6) were(More)
BACKGROUND Ougan (Citrus reticulata cv. Suavissima) flavedo extract (OFE) exhibited potential anti-tumor effects with unclear underlying mechanisms. This study aims to evaluate the potential anti-metastatic activities of OFE on human ovarian cancer cells, and investigate its inhibitory effect on epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT). METHODS Ougan(More)
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