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PURPOSE The aim of this paper is to understand the sustainability of urban spatial transformation in the process of rapid urbanization, and calls for future research on the demographic and economic dimensions of climate change. Shanghai towards its transformation to a metropolis has experienced vast socioeconomic and ecological change and calls for future(More)
The IRSA Remote Sensing Image Processing System is multi-functional software used for satellite image processing. It consists of over ten parts of the routine and typical used modules in Remote Sensing Image Processing project, such as viewer & file import/export, basic processing, image restoration. As an indigenous developed software, IRSA combines the(More)
In this paper, we analyze the performance of the channel estimation methods (LS, LMMSE, ALMMSE) for MBSFN in LTE system. Two methods, with and without linear interpolation, are proposed for extracting the special designed pilot in MBSFN frame. The linear interpolation method is more accurate and complicated while the non-interpolation method, with about(More)
Limited feedback of channel state information (CSI), which is made up of rank indicator (RI), precoding matrix indicator (PMI) and channel quality indicator (CQI), is an important part in closed-loop transmission for 3GPP Long Time Evolution (LTE)/LTE-Advanced standard. In this paper, an efficient way, where PMI granularity selection method is used in PMI(More)
Blind equalizer has always been a hot issue that causes a great deal of research in modern digital communication system. Constant modulus algorithm (CMA) is a most popular one for the simple and effective. However, CMA algorithm has faster convergence rate but weak tracking performance in steady-state, especially in high-order QAM system. In this paper, a(More)
Co-Channel Dual Polarization (CCDP) technology is an efficient way to double the link capacity in modern communication system. However, the consequent polarization interferences become an inevitable problem to fight. Therefore, a Cross-Polarization Interference Canceller (XPIC) is necessary against the cross-talks. This paper focuses on the baseband XPIC(More)
This paper proposes a novel approximation for the round-trip distance of the near-field echoed data based on a planar 2-D synthetic aperture planar array. A near-field narrow imaging algorithm based on the novel approximation is proposed. Comparisons of the proposed approximation and the Fresnel approximation are also demonstrated. The errors of the(More)