Linley E. Watson

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Integrins are heterodimeric cell-surface molecules, which act as the principle mediators of molecular dialog between a cell and its extracellular matrix environment. In addition to their structural functions, integrins mediate signaling from the extracellular space into the cell through integrin-associated signaling and adaptor molecules such as FAK (focal(More) Vol 379 April 28, 2012 1567 Several factors have contributed to the social construct of adolescence as a distinct period of life, including the rise in education (and with it age segregation), social media, and urbanisation. But adolescence also has a biological basis. Many of the behaviours we associate with the teenage years (eg, risk(More)
BACKGROUND Because of safety, repeatability, and portability, clinical echocardiography is well established as a standard for cardiac anatomy, cardiac function, and hemodynamics. Similarly, application of echocardiography in commonly used rat experimental models would be worthwhile. The use of noninvasive ultrasound imaging in the rat is a potential(More)
Anthrax infections are frequently associated with severe and often irreversible hypotensive shock. The isolated toxic proteins of Bacillus anthracis produce a non-cytokine-mediated hypotension in rats by unknown mechanisms. These observations suggest the anthrax toxins have direct cardiovascular effects. Here, we characterize these effects. As a first step,(More)
Fatalities due to anthrax are associated with severe hypotension suggesting that the toxins generated from Bacillus anthracis, lethal toxin (LeTx) and edema toxin (EdTx), have cardiovascular effects. Here, we demonstrate the effects of these toxins and characterize their effects by echocardiography. LeTx leads to a significant reduction in ejection(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the experience of postpartum care among Thai women in Melbourne, Australia. DESIGN Ethnographic interviews and participant observation with women in relation to postpartum care and practices. SETTING Melbourne Metropolitan Area, Victoria, Australia. PARTICIPANTS 26 Thai born women who gave birth in Australia. FINDINGS The Thai(More)
We report catheterization laboratory personnel dose per case during parallel use of two laboratories from different manufacturers. Initially, four working positions were monitored. Review of the data from the first 140 cases showed a wide range of dose per case. Measurements were then limited to diagnostic coronary angiography cases in which a cardiology(More)
Troponin-T was measured in patients with chest pain and negative creatine phosphokinase-MB isoenzymes. Patients with elevated troponin-T had a significantly greater risk of cardiac events over the next 6 months than patients with normal troponin-T.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) represent a clinically important class of agents. NSAIDs are commonly used in treatment of conditions such as headache, fever, inflammation and joint pain. Complications often arise from chronic use of NSAIDs. Gastrointestinal (GI) toxicity in the form of gastritis, peptic erosions and ulcerations and GI bleeds(More)
In acute coronary syndromes, GPIIb/IIIa platelet inhibitors have demonstrated a reduction in recurrent myocardial ischemia. Conversely, one might expect that enhancing platelet activity in patients in acute coronary syndromes would have the opposite effect. We report a patient with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) that had recurrent myocardial(More)