Linlan Liu

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Location is crucial to wireless sensor network monitoring. Therefore, node localization becomes a key technology. After analyzing DV-Hop propagation algorithm and ABC algorithm, this paper proposes a novel three-dimensional localization approach, which is called DHA (DV-hop and ABC) localization algorithm. It introduces the idea of DHA algorithm in detail,(More)
Wireless sensor networks have been proposed for many location based applications, so the localization problem in wireless sensor networks has got considerable attentions these days. More and more researchers pay attention to how to use the location information to implement specific application and how to locate nodes accurately. In this paper, DV-hop(More)
The prediction of link quality can provide link selection service for the upper-layer protocol in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). This paper presents a link quality prediction mechanism based on time series forecasting model. It mainly includes the calculation of the current value of packet reception rate (PRR), the prediction of the future value, and the(More)
UML activity diagram is suitable for modeling parallel and concurrent flows in an actual system. It is also significant for software testing. The subactivity state in activity diagram divides the activity diagram into two kinds: the atomic activity diagram and compound activity diagram, who constructs the hierarchy of the whole activity diagram. Dealing(More)
—In wireless sensor networks, three-dimensional localization is important for applications. It becomes a challenge with the scale of network getting large. This paper proposes a three-dimensional localization algorithm for large scale WSN on the basis of cluster. Focusing on the MDS-based localization, it adopts the cluster structure and the global(More)
There are two states in Event-driven Wireless Sensor Network, one is non-event state, and the other is event state. In non-event state, the network traffic is very small and the requirement for real-time performance of network is not strict. However, in event state the traffic is large, the critical information would be lost once the link quality goes bad(More)
Link quality monitoring mechanism is an indispensable means to protect network health. With ensuring certain monitoring accuracy, to reduce energy consumption as much as possible is a critical issue of wireless sensor network. Considering the feature of relatively less traffic in event-driven Wireless Sensor network during no event state, the paper proposes(More)
For the fact that traditional Access Control models are mostly static, coarsely grained, and not well suited for solving the application in the security of web services. This paper extends access control models by introducing actions based on attribute-based access control. The model avoids the complex structure of multi-attribute and solves the problem(More)