Linlan Liu

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—In wireless sensor networks, three-dimensional localization is important for applications. It becomes a challenge with the scale of network getting large. This paper proposes a three-dimensional localization algorithm for large scale WSN on the basis of cluster. Focusing on the MDS-based localization, it adopts the cluster structure and the global(More)
Wireless sensor networks have been proposed for many location based applications, so the localization problem in wireless sensor networks has got considerable attentions these days. More and more researchers pay attention to how to use the location information to implement specific application and how to locate nodes accurately. In this paper, DV-hop(More)
—In wireless sensor networks, location information is essential to its monitoring activities. In view of the " boundary effect " and lack of accuracy in APIT-3D, this paper proposes an improved three-dimensional localization scheme based on APIT named IAPIT-3D. In the scheme, the probability of misjudgment is reduced by adding the conditions of judgment. On(More)
—Based on event driven district monitor is a typical model application in wireless sensor networks. There are two types of data in the network. One is periodic monitor data which carries on supervision to the state of network; the other is event message which is sent when the event happens. This paper is based on cluster topology structure, and aims at(More)
Connectivity is one of the most important parameters in network monitoring. The connectivity model of Opportunistic Sensor Networks (OSN) can hardly be established by traditional graph models due to the fact that its connectivity is timing correlative and evolutionary, which makes it extremely difficult to monitor an OSN. In order to solve the monitoring(More)
In wireless sensor networks, localization is one of the fundamental technologies and is essential to its applications. In this paper, we propose a three-dimensional range-free localization scheme named hexahedral localization. In the scheme, the space is divided into a lot of hexahedrons. Then, all the unknown nodes are located by utilizing the(More)
—Data fusion is one of the key techniques in Wireless sensor network (WSN). Data fusion can reduce quantity of data transmission in the network, extend network lifetime by reducing energy consumption, and improve efficiency of bandwidth utilization. At present, researches on data fusion in WSN mainly fall into the following aspects: aggregation tree(More)