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Retrieving similar documents from a large-scale text corpus according to a given document is a fundamental technique for many applications. However, most of existing indexing techniques have difficulties to address this problem due to special properties of a document query, e.g. high dimensionality, sparse representation and semantic concern. Towards(More)
Personalized recommendation is valuable in various web applications, such as e-commerce, music sharing, and news releasing, etc. Most existing recommendation methods require users to register and provide their private information before gaining access to any services, whereas a majority of users are reluctant to do so, which greatly limits the range of(More)
Recently, the computing paradigm has switched from mainframe and desktop computing to ubiquitous computing; one of whose motivations is to provide intelligent, personalized and comprehensive services to users. As a solution of ubiquitous computing, Active Services has proposed to generate such services on demand by retrieving, adapting, and composing of(More)
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