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In this paper we describe the use of machine learning algorithms (Naive Bayesian, neural network, and support vector machine) on data collected from strain gauge sensors to automatically classify vehicles into classes, ranging from small vehicles to combination trucks, along the lines of Federal Highway Administration vehicle classification guide. Knowing(More)
Calibration, based on data from centrifuge and shake-table experiments continues to promote the development of more accurate computational models. Capabilities such as coupled solid-fluid formulations, and nonlinear incremental-plasticity approaches, allow for more realistic representations of the involved static and dynamic/seismic responses. In addition,(More)
Through the research on the evaluation method of bill of quantities valuation mode, we found that the traditional manual review has been completely unable to meet the requirements of listing the bid assessment. Besides, the paper studied on invoicing system, evaluation methods and invoicing software, analyzed the feasibility and necessity of the electronic(More)
  • Linjun Yan
  • 2014
As one of the six Gulf countries, Oman invested heavily in infrastructure construction every year. Many Chinese enterprises want to be able to enter the Omani construction market. Although there are some Chinese companies have undertaken a number of construction projects, the vast majority of them did not get expected benefits, or even had a loss. Analyzing(More)
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