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OBJECTIVES This study investigated factors correlated with the severity of injuries sustained by bicyclists in bicycle-motor vehicle crashes at unsignalized intersections to develop site-specific countermeasures and interventions to improve bicycle safety. METHOD Crash data were extracted from accident reports entered into the Kentucky State Police's(More)
Better access management can improve highway safety by reducing potential crashes and conflicts. To make adequate access management decisions, it is essential to understand the impact of different access types on roadway safety, usually represented by the crash rate of a roadway segment. The objective of this paper is to propose a new access density(More)
Climate change enters significantly into and is shown to be a direct determinant of residence and job location change decisions. Understanding of how people’s residence and job location change choice behavior is affected and thus responds to the impacts of climate change is essential for transportation planners and adaptation decision makers. As an addition(More)
Currently, Shanghai urban cross-river tunnels have three principal characteristics: increased traffic, a high accident rate and rapidly developing construction. Because of their complex geographic and hydrological characteristics, the alignment conditions in urban cross-river tunnels are more complicated than in highway tunnels, so a safety evaluation of(More)
This paper advances the field of network interdiction analysis by introducing an application to the urban rail transit network, deploying protective resources against intentional attacks. The resource allocation problem for urban rail transit systems is considered as a game between two players, the attacker interdicting certain rail stations to generate(More)
The existing of highway access is a critical factor that influences highway safety due to the interaction between access traffic from driveway and through traffic of arterial road. There are numerous factors that affect access safety such as road environment, land use, network accessibility, access density, access lane channelization, sight distance etc.(More)
OBJECTIVES In order to improve motorcycle safety, this article examines the correlation between crash avoidance maneuvers and injury severity sustained by motorcyclists, under multiple precrash conditions. METHOD Ten-year crash data for single-vehicle motorcycle crashes from the General Estimates Systems (GES) were analyzed, using partial proportional(More)
Hit-and-run crashes are a relatively infrequent but severe offense worldwide because the identification and emergency rescue of victims is delayed, which increases the injury severities and the mortality rate. However, no studies have been conducted on hit-and-run crashes in urban river-crossing road tunnels (URCRTs), which can greatly threaten the safety(More)
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