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Recently, there has been a growing need for integrating legacy relational databases with semantic web ontologies, however, experience in building such applications has revealed a gap between semantic web languages and relational data model. We present a formal mapping system to bridge the gap and study the problem of reasoning and query answering using view(More)
Modern scientific research is generating daunting amount of data that is commonly required to be combined together to service daily research endeavors. This paper introduces an ontology-based approach to publishing and composing data-intensive web service. The approach distinguishes itself by its capability of dynamically evolving service interface and a(More)
At present, the research of data storage and management in cloud computing mainly focuses on dealing with data expression and search. This study gives a comprehensive survey of numerous models and approaches of data-intensive applications in cloud computing in both academic and industrial communities. We review various approaches and their ideas of design.(More)
The Ubiquitous Computing envisions a world of communicating mobile devices and sensors. Advances in wireless communications raise users' expectations about the accessibility of information in Ubiquitous Computing environments. Getting meaningful information from disparate sensor nodes and/or mobile devices spread in Ubiquitous Computing environment is an(More)
Previous trust mechanisms are mainly focused on reputational models based on explicit trust ratings. However, the large amount of system-provided and user-generated content published on Web is often ignored. These information is very important for providing more accurate, fine-grained and efficient trust management. In this paper, we propose a content-based(More)
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