Linhai Zhao

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The balise is an important component in train operation control system fulfilling the task of Ground-Train Point-Mode data transmission. This paper presents a finite element based method for researching the electromagnetic interaction process of balise up-link data transmission with respect to the basic theoretical level. Based on the basic structure and(More)
In the experiments and practical applications in a high-speed railway, it is observed that the carrier frequency of the sampled signal in a track circuit reader (TCR) is changed with train speed and goes beyond the upper permissive range prescribed for a jointless track circuit (JTC) in some cases. This can directly affect the availability of train target(More)
As a main interference to track circuit signal, the interference of the traction current(ITC) will directly influence the transmission quality of track circuit signal and even lead to signal distortion which would endanger the traffic safety. The ITC has a complicated formation mechanism and it is affected by factors of train compositions, load and running(More)
This paper uses transport-line theory to construct equivalent model of jointless track circuit under shunted state and analyses the principle of track induced circuit in the disconnection fault of compensation capacitor based on the model. At the same time, according to the work principle of cab signal and the consistent changes relationship between cab(More)
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