Linh M Nguyen

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OBJECTIVES Infections caused by respiratory viruses are associated with recurrent epidemics and widespread morbidity and mortality. Routine surveillance of these pathogens is necessary to determine virus activity, monitor for changes in circulating strains, and plan for public health preparedness. The Southern Nevada Health District in Las Vegas, Nevada,(More)
The effects of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide [CO(2)] on microbial communities in arid rhizosphere soils beneath Larrea tridentata were examined. Roots of Larrea were harvested from plots fumigated with elevated or ambient levels of [CO(2)] using Free-Air CO(2) Enrichment (FACE) technology. Twelve bacterial and fungal rRNA gene libraries were(More)
Irradiation of solutions of tetraphenylporphyrin (H2TPP) in chloroform causes decomposition of the chloroform at UV wavelengths higher than those that decompose chloroform directly. The catalytic cycle involves photooxidation of the porphyrin followed by thermal reduction. Photocatalysis continues after H2TPP has been completely protonated by the HCl(More)
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