Linh Duy Pham

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The open/dynamic environment of Service-Oriented Computing requires middleware that can cope with services that are heterogeneous, and possibly unknown, unreliable or untrusted. Service-oriented middleware also needs to support both, ad-hoc and long-lived relationships between such services, and provide mechanisms for service coordination and cooperation.(More)
Service Oriented Computing (SOC) is a paradigm for building new software applications from existing loosely-coupled services. During service composition, services available to play different roles in a composition may have variations in their business-level protocols. These protocols may involve communication between two services in a point-to-point(More)
In a service composition, it is necessary to ensure that the behaviour of a constituent service is consistent with the requirements of the composition. In an adaptive service composition those behavioural requirements may be continually changing. This paper shows how the behavioural requirements in abstract service definitions (roles) can be dynamically and(More)
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