Linh Duy Pham

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PURPOSE MV-CEA is an oncolytic measles virus currently being tested in patients with ovarian cancer and whose propagation can be monitored by measuring blood carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) levels. MV-NIS is an oncolytic measles virus coding for the thyroidal sodium iodide symporter (NIS) whose propagation can be mapped by serial radioiodine imaging.(More)
Gene transfer of a human cocaine hydrolase (hCocH) derived from butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) by 5 mutations (A199S/F227A/S287G/A328W/Y332G) has shown promise in animal studies for treatment of cocaine addiction. To predict the physiological fate and immunogenicity of this enzyme in humans, a comparable enzyme was created and tested in a conspecific host.(More)
Systemically administered vectors must cross the endothelial lining of tumor blood vessels to access cancer cells. Vectors that interact with markers on the lumenal surface of these endothelial cells might have enhanced tumor localization. Here, we generated oncolytic measles viruses (MVs) displaying alpha(v)beta(3) integrin-binding peptides, cyclic(More)
BACKGROUND Expression cassettes can be inserted at several positions into recombinant adenoviral genomes but the implications of this choice for transgene expression level have not been determined. Knowledge of the relative expression levels of transgenes inserted at different sites in the adenoviral genome is of particular significance for transgene(More)
OBJECTIVE We studied the concordance of transgene expression in the transplanted heart using bicistronic adenoviral vector coding for a transgene of interest (human carcinoembryonic antigen: hCEA - beta human chorionic gonadotropin: betahCG) and for a marker imaging transgene (human sodium iodide symporter: hNIS). METHODS Inbred Lewis rats were used for(More)
The measles virus (MV) is serologically monotypic. Life-long immunity is conferred by a single attack of measles or following vaccination with the MV vaccine. This is contrary to viruses such as influenza, which readily develop resistance to the immune system and recur. A better understanding of factors that restrain MV to one serotype may allow us to(More)
The open/dynamic environment of Service-Oriented Computing requires middleware that can cope with services that are heterogeneous, and possibly unknown, unreliable or untrusted. Service-oriented middleware also needs to support both, ad-hoc and long-lived relationships between such services, and provide mechanisms for service coordination and cooperation.(More)
Service oriented computing (SOC) is a paradigm for building new software applications from existing loosely-coupled services. During service composition, services available to play different roles in a composition may have variations in their business-level protocols. These protocols may involve communication between two services in a point-to-point(More)
A new 5-level non-differential PFC topology with fault tolerant capability is presented and compared to known structures. It is derived from a 3-level double-boost PFC. The series-connection of the two low-voltage switching-cells decoupled by a single flying capacitor provides a fault-tolerant capability and a post failure operation increasing the(More)
Marker-based motion tracking is currently a popular method being used in both feature films and video games to create realistic movements and special effects. However, this technique requires physical markers to be placed on a human. Multiple cameras track the markers, which often cannot be done in real-time. Our work tracks a human hand without using any(More)