Lingzhong Zhao

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Description logics provide powerful languages for representing and reasoning about knowledge of static application domains. The main strength of description logics is that they offer considerable expressive power going far beyond propositional logic, while reasoning is still decidable. There is a demand to bring the power and character of description logics(More)
Abstraction plays a fundamental role in combating state-space explosion in model checking. Firstly, we study how to abstract models of mu-calculus and derive abstractions that are sound, and apply them to abstracting Kripke structures. However, a lack of completeness in the abstract interpretation leads to spurious counterexamples in the abstract model(More)
Category Partition Method (CPM) is a general approach to specification-based program testing, where test frame reduction and refinement are two important issues. Test frame reduction is necessary since too many test frames may be produced, and test frame refinement is important since during CPM testing new information about test frame generation may be(More)
Model checking is a mainstream method for formal verification of communicating sequential processes (CSP). Existing CSP Model Checkers are incapable of verifying multiple properties concurrently in one run of a model checker. In addition, the properties to be verified are described with CSP in most model checkers, which is good for refinement checking, but(More)