Lingzhi Li

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) systems have become increasingly popular for a variety of applications in Internet for their several advantages over traditional client/server architecture. And they also generate most traffic in all regions around the world. Thus, the ISPs and all network administrators have a mutual interest in limiting P2P traffic. Before doing these,(More)
Accurate, real time identification of P2P traffic is especially important for network management, because they seriously affect QoS of normal network services. In this paper, we propose an omnibus approach to identify Bit Torrent (BT) traffic in real time. We apply application signatures to identify unencrypted traffic. And for those encrypted BT traffic,(More)
Detecting the P2P swarm, analyzing their distribution is a challenging task, which has not received the deserved attention. In this paper, we demonstrate an active measurement methodology to continuously trace the real-world Bit Torrent and eMule/eDonkey swarms over the Internet from a stub network and for a long period of time. Our measurements achieve the(More)
Linear network coding (LNC) is a promising technology that can increase network throughput, improve transmission robustness and provide data confidentiality. In this paper, we investigate the optimal transmission topology construction and LNC design for secure multicast, i.e., the Integer Secure Multicast (ISM) problem. The ISM problem aims to find the(More)
Network coding is a popular research topic which can help to improve throughput, reliability and security of communications. However, its decoding process is usually time consuming and the delay is sometime significant. Though the progressive network coding with Gauss-Jordan elimination can reduce the decoding time, the workload cannot be allocated equally(More)
Automatic image annotation based on traditional association rules exists the problem of "sharp boundary", which makes classification more fuzzy and inaccurate. Moreover, with the development of multimedia technology, the storage of image information is expanded quickly, massive image data will produce many redundant association rules, which will greatly(More)