Lingzhi Cao

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—The bit-error rate (BER) performance of multilevel quadrature amplitude modulation with pilot-symbol-assisted modulation channel estimation in static and Rayleigh fading channels is derived, both for single branch reception and maximal ratio combining diversity receiver systems. The effects of noise and estimator decorrelation on the received BER are(More)
—Closed-form expressions for computing the average bit error rate (BER) for a class of modulation schemes in Ricean flat fading channels with maximal-ratio combining diversity and channel estimation errors are derived. The results are valid for a general multichannel model that includes Ricean and Rayleigh fading channels. The results are applicable to(More)
In this paper, we present a novel hybrid simulated annealing algorithm (HSAA) to efficiently solve three-dimensional multi-bin packing problems. Combined with the concept of the batch and the block, a kind of seven-tuple structure is proposed to optimize the feasible packing space in this algorithm. Moreover, the memory function is increased in the(More)
Reliable model and high performance controller are of two main issues in research of single-phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC). Single-phase UPQC is a nonlinear multi input multi output coupled system and can't be modeled accurately. Therefore neural network with NARMA-L2 structure is utilized to describe the dynamic progress. Based on the(More)
Time-varying uncertainties and loads variation will influence the stabilization of Active Power Filter(APF) control system. In order to enhance the capability of interference suppression and robustness, based on H<sub>infin</sub> control theory, a state space model including external disturbances is built. In terms of the state space model,(More)
In this paper, an indirect adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control approach is proposed for anti-swing and position control of overhead cranes taking into account the uncertainty of load mass. The approach employs a sliding surface that couples the trolley motion and load swing dynamics to regulate the trolley position and guarantee the stability of swing(More)