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Direction of Departure (DOD) and Direction of Arrival (DOA) Estimation in MIMO Radar with Reduced-Dimension MUSIC
This letter discusses the problem of direction of departure (DOD) and direction of arrival (DOA) estimation for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) radar, and derives a reduced-dimension multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm therein. Expand
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Trilinear decomposition-based transmit angle and receive angle estimation for multiple-input multiple-output radar
In this study, the authors address the problem of angle estimation in a bistatic multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar. This study links the problem to the trilinear model, and then we derive aExpand
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Acute and subacute toxicity studies on triptolide and triptolide-loaded polymeric micelles following intravenous administration in rodents.
Except its anti-tumour effects, triptolide (TP) also shows multiple pharmacological side activities, such as immune-suppressive and male anti-fertility. To increase the therapeutic index of TP, aExpand
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Anti-tumour and immuno-modulation effects of triptolide-loaded polymeric micelles.
Triptolide (TP) possesses both anti-tumour and immuno-suppressive activities. Its immuno-suppressive activity may be disadvantageous for the therapy of cancers. A novel polymeric micelle systemExpand
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Removal of fluoride from drinking water using modified ultrafine tea powder processed using a ball-mill
Abstract A low-cost and highly efficient biosorbent was prepared by loading zirconium(IV) onto ball-milled, ultrafine tea powder (UTP-Zr) for removal of fluoride from drinking water. To evaluate theExpand
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Adsorptive removal of fluoride from drinking water using porous starch loaded with common metal ions.
In this study, porous corn starch was loaded with Zr, Al, Fe or La to produce the composites PS-Zr, PS-Al, PS-Fe and PS-La. Fluoride adsorption from water was tested at different biosorbent dosages,Expand
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Enhanced removal of fluoride by tea waste supported hydrous aluminium oxide nanoparticles: anionic polyacrylamide mediated aluminium assembly and adsorption mechanism
A novel and low-cost biosorbent of tea waste supported hydrous aluminium oxide (Tea–APAM–Al) was prepared with help of anionic polyacrylamide (APAM) for highly efficient defluoridation of drinkingExpand
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Novel two-dimensional DOA estimation with L-shaped array
We derive a trilinear decomposition-based 2D-DOA estimation algorithm in L-shaped array. Expand
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Enhanced fluoride removal by loading Al/Zr onto carboxymethyl starch sodium: synergistic interactions between Al and Zr
In this paper, a novel type of adsorbent was prepared by loading Al/Zr onto carboxymethyl starch sodium to generate CMS–Al, CMS–Zr or CMS–Al–Zr. The adsorbents were tested for removal of fluoride byExpand
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Blind joint angle and frequency estimation based on uniform rectangular acoustic vector sensor array
A novel algorithm has been proposed for joint angle and frequency estimation based on uniform rectangular acoustic vector sensors array based on parafac quadrilinear model. Expand
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