Lingyan Shen

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We improve the surface of graphene by atomic layer deposition (ALD) without the assistance of a transition layer or surface functionalization. By controlling gas-solid physical adsorption between water molecules and graphene through the optimization of pre-H2O treatment and two-step temperature growth, we directly grew uniform and compact Al2O3 films onto(More)
Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is the second most common form of neurogenerative dementia, following Alzheimer’s disease (AD). FTD is a clinically and phenotypically heterogeneous disorder, which occurs mostly in younger patients under 60 years of age. Several genes were described to be involved in FTD: progranulin (PGRN), microtubule-associated protein tau(More)
In this paper, 600V LDMOS and LIGBT on thin SOI with improved field oxide (FOX) were fabricated. The dependence of the off-state breakdown voltage on the implant dose in the drift region and the on-state characteristics were measured. Total ionizing dose (TID) effects on LDMOS and LIGBT were studied experimentally. The threshold voltage shift and leakage(More)
Microarrays and new sequencing techniques offer a high throughput platform to study the whole genome with the unprecedented capability of measuring millions of genomic features on a single essay. This massive parallel measurement power has an enormous potential for research in Biology and Medicine with the ultimate objective of identifying and learning the(More)
In this letter, fluorinated graphene (FG) is utilized to passivate GaN surface for a metal–insulator–semiconductor high electron mobility transistor (MIS HEMT). The FG-MIS HEMT achieves better DC characteristics than a traditional MIS HEMT, including larger saturation drain current density (34.3%), higher peak trans-conductance(More)
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