Lingyan Kong

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Improving the performance of labeling agents is crucial to the further development of electrochemiluminescence (ECL) related technologies. Although a large number of ECL luminophores beyond ruthenium complexes have been reported so far, there is still a scarcity of studies involving novel ECL labeling agents. Herein, five novel iridium ECL labels and one(More)
Hyperspectral image classification has been proved significant in remote sensing field. Traditional classification methods have meet bottlenecks due to the lack of remote sensing background knowledge or high dimensionality. Deep learning based methods, such as deep convolutional neural network (CNN), can effectively extract high level features from raw(More)
It is necessary to use interval data to define terms or describe extreme behaviors because of the existence of uncertainty in many real-world problems. In this paper, a novel efficient interval twin support vector regression (ITSVR) is proposed to handle such interval data. This ITSVR employs two nonparallel functions to identify the upper and lower sides(More)
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