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Web services have been pointed as a suitable technology for the development and execution of distributed applications. However, the Web service architecture still lacks facilities to support fault tolerance. The goal of this paper is to propose a fault tolerant Web service architecture. The architecture provides service mediation and monitoring. The main(More)
As the communication network used to connect the automation equipment like instrument and controller in the manufacturing field, the fieldbus technology is a new distributed control technology appeared during ninetieth decade. Accompanied with the digital period coming, the fieldbus control will become the main trend in the industrial automation. It designs(More)
  • Lingxia Liu
  • 2011 International Conference on Internet…
  • 2011
In this paper existence of local analytic solutions of an iterative functional differential equation is studied. As well as in previous works, we reduce this problem with the Schrodƒtƒt er transformation to finding analytic solutions of a functional equation without iteration of the unknown function x. For technical reasons, in previous works the(More)
Traditional artificial potential field method has the problem of local minimum and can not satisfy the requirements of real-time mobile robot path planning, security and accessibility in dynamic environment. To deal with the problems, through taking the advantage of velocity vector, modifying potential field force function, and integrating with the fuzzy(More)
The cap 'n' collar (CNC) family of transcription factors play important roles in resistance of oxidative and electrophilic stresses. Among the CNC family members, NF-E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) is critical for regulating the antioxidant and phase II enzymes through antioxidant response element (ARE)-mediated transactivation. The activity of Nrf2 is(More)
Cellular senescence is an irreversible form of cell cycle arrest that provides a barrier to neoplastic transformation. The integrity of the Rb (Retinoblastoma) pathway is necessary for the formation of the senescence-associated heterochromatin foci (SAHF) that offers a molecular basis for the stability of the senescent state. Surprisingly, although high(More)
Chitosan has previously been exploited as a scaffold in tissue engineering processes. To avoid infection, chitosan must be sterilized prior to contact with bodily fluids or blood. Previous research has shown that autoclaved chitosan solution lead to decreased molecular weight, dynamic viscosity, and rate of gelling. We prepared a thermosensitive chitosan(More)
Security support platform is built on public key infrastructure (PKI) and used to solve authentication, access control, information protection and other issues in network environment. This paper analyzes the security risk existed in network communication, gives the authentication design. It also designs an authentication protocol combining with modern(More)
This paper studies empirically business intelligence and social network service used to leverage the performance of collaborative decision making. A model is developed and tested empirically to find out meaningful relationships among those variables. This paper examines the current trend of social media within business intelligence, the importance of(More)