Lingxia Liao

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Complicated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems have created problems in systems regarding an easy implementation and interoperability for a Web-enabled Healthcare Solution, which is normally provided by an independent healthcare giver with limited IT knowledge and interests. An EMR system with well-designed and user-friendly interface, such as(More)
Increasingly cloud-based virtual networking environments are required to provide fine-grained Quality of Service (QoS) management without sacrificing scalability. However, no single approach currently can meet these requirements simultaneously. This paper introduces a layered concept that uses a common overlay mechanism to virtualize networks and enable(More)
In this paper, we investigate the use of cooperative communications for high performance data dissemination in dense wireless sensor networks. We first identify the limitations of existing cooperative schemes. While we previously proposed a multi-hop cooperative data dissemination scheme, REER, to address these limitations, the construction of such(More)
Mobile communication system for underground coal mines is far more behind the one on surface for the unique underground tunnel environment and safety requirements. Though our previous CDMA System V1.0 can solve the problems of coal mine communication well in regular environments, it still remains a challenging issue for emergency handling. In this paper, we(More)
Current latency monitoring approaches for Software Defined Network often use the control plane as the infrastructure to inject time-stamp data packets as probe packets to measure the network latency at a particular time, but suffer from three major issues when the network latency needs to be continuously monitored: 1) the increased control plane's overhead,(More)
Cloud-based virtual networking environments are required to provide fine-grained quality of service (QoS) control without sacrificing scalability. However, no single approach can currently achieve these two goals simultaneously. FlowVisor is a building block to virtualise networks with fine-grained QoS support; however, scalability issues caused by the(More)
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