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The paper investigated the life cycle of the hard tick Haemaphysalis doenitzi under laboratory conditions and its phylogeny based on mitochondrial 16S rDNA. The results revealed that the complete life cycle of H. doenitzi requires a mean duration of 109.6 days ranging from 91 to 137 days and the average prefeeding, feeding and premoulting periods of larvae,(More)
In order to improve the conductivity of the single-layered nano-thick F doped SnO2 (FTO) thin films, an Ag mid-layer is embedded between the FTO layers. In our work, the effects of mid-layer Ag and top FTO layer on the structural, electrical and optical properties of FTO/Ag/FTO multilayered composite structures deposited on quartz glass substrates by(More)
—The pedestrian inertial navigation systems are generally based on Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) algorithm. Considering the physiological characteristics of pedestrian movement, we use the cyclical characteristics and statistics of acceleration waveform and features which are associated with the walking speed to estimate the stride length. Due to the(More)
The dielectric properties and tunability of multilayer thin films with compositional PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3/Bi1.5Zn1.0Nb1.5O7 (PZT/BZN) layers (PPBLs) fabricated by pulsed laser deposition on Pt/TiO2/SiO2/Si substrate have been investigated. Dielectric measurements indicate that the PZT/BZN bilayer thin films exhibit medium dielectric constant of about 490, low(More)
Based on the Principal Component Analysis (PCA), a novel hybrid Support Vector Machine (SVM) Clustering and Regression (SVMCR) approach used for indoor Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) localization is proposed in this paper. First of all, we rely on the SVM Clustering (SVMC) to conduct the classification for the sake of narrowing down the search space of(More)
The approach of using Magnetic Angular Rate Gravity (MARG) sensor for the current multi-sensor based pedestrian navigation algorithm magnetometers is susceptible to the external magnetic interference. The result of attitude is affected by many factors, like the low-precision MEMS gyro drift and large body linear acceleration measurements. In this paper, we(More)
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