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CAN is a famous structured peer-to-peer network based on d-dimensional torus topology with constant degree and logarithmical diameter, but suffers from poor scalability when N>>2 d , N is the number of peers. To address this issue, we proposes a novel scalable structured peer-to-peer overlay network, CDACAN that embeds the one-dimensional discrete distance(More)
Although the solution deposition of YBa2Cu3O7-x (YBCO) superconducting films is cost effective and capable of large-scale production, further improvements in their superconductivity are necessary. In this study, a deep UV (DUV) irradiation technique combined with a low-fluorine solution process was developed to prepare YBCO films. An acrylic acidic group as(More)
The magnetocaloric effect (MCE) is an intrinsic thermal response of all magnetic solids which has a direct and strong correlation with the corresponding magnetic phase transition. It has been well recognized that the magnetic phase transition can be tuned by adjusting applied pressure. Therefore, we perform the high hydrostatic pressure magnetization(More)
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