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CAN is a famous structured peer-to-peer network based on d-dimensional torus topology with constant degree and logarithmical diameter, but suffers from poor scalability when N>>2 d , N is the number of peers. To address this issue, we proposes a novel scalable structured peer-to-peer overlay network, CDACAN that embeds the one-dimensional discrete distance(More)
Social Networking is one of the best platforms used by people all around the world. The main feature of it is to connect with friends (community, school, college, office etc.) and to make connections with the people from different parts of the world beyond geographical borders who have a common interest and want to share. But there are many issues with the(More)
A routine computer-assisted sperm analysis is an important diagnostic test in the andrology laboratory. To evaluate the accuracy and precision of the different types of counting chambers for human semen analysis in combination with a computer-assisted semen analyzer (CASA), a quality-control study that compared human sperm analysis results obtained using(More)
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