Lingqiang Li

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Let (L , ∗, 1) be a residuated complete latticewith the underlying latticeL ameet continuous lattice. This paper presents a systematic investigation of the interrelationship between the categories of limit spaces, L-topological spaces, and L-preorders. The results exhibit a close connection between these different mathematical structures. © 2008 Elsevier(More)
In this paper, p-topologicalness and p-regularity for Jäger’s stratified L-generalized convergence spaces and those for Boustique et al.’s stratified L-convergence spaces are studied through two different methods. One method generalizes the well-known Fischer’s (dual) diagonal condition, the other method uses the (neighborhood) closure of stratified(More)
In this paper, in the framework of many-valued logic, the crisp lower and upper approximation operators of rough set theory are generalized to fuzzy environment, and the basic properties of that two operators are studied. Also, it is proved that our upper approximation operator is a generalization of $T$-upper fuzzy approximation operator defined by Mi [cf.(More)