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The distribution of HIV-1 subtypes and genetic characterization of CRF01_AE in Guangxi, southern China were identified. The distribution of HIV-1 genotypes based on gag, pol, and partial env sequences (n=349) was as follows: CRF01_AE (66.5%), CRF08_BC (19.2%), CRF07_BC (7.2%), URF (4.6%), subtype B (1.7%), and subtype B' (0.9%). CRF01_AE predominated in all(More)
To elucidate the prevalence of HIV-1 subtypes and transmitted drug resistance in Henan, central China, HIV-1-positive blood samples from 187 antiretroviral-naive patients were collected in our study from August 2009 to November 2010. Subtype B' (92.0%, 172 of 187) remains the predominant HIV-1 subtype in Henan province and was prevalent in all risk(More)
Guizhou province, located between border provinces and Central province of China, plays a crucial role in the transmission of HIV-1, implying it is important to monitor the epidemic of HIV-1 in this region. Available HIV-1 infected patients' plasma (n=78) were collected from Tongren city, Eastern Guizhou. Full-length gag, partial pol and env gene sequences(More)
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