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Scorpion toxin Ctri9577, as a potent Kv1.3 channel blocker, is a new member of the α-KTx15 subfamily which are a group of blockers for Kv4.x potassium channels. However, the pharmacological function of Ctri9577 for Kv4.x channels remains unknown. Scorpion toxin Ctri9577 was found to effectively inhibit Kv4.3 channel currents with IC50 value of 1.34 ± 0.03(More)
Hierarchical flower-like ZnO nanorods, net-like ZnO nanofibers and ZnO nanobulks have been successfully synthesized via a surfactant assisted hydrothemal method. The synthesized products were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction and field emission scanning electron microscopy, respectively. A possible growth mechanism of the various hierarchical ZnO(More)
One-dimensional (1D) semiconductor metal oxide nanostructures have attracted increasing attention in electrochemistry, optics, magnetic, and gas sensing fields for the good properties. N-type low dimensional semiconducting oxides such as SnO2 and ZnO have been known for the detection of inflammable or toxic gases. In this paper, we fabricated the ZnO-SnO2(More)
Morphology Control plays an important role in gas sensing properties of metal oxide semiconductor based gas sensors. In this study, various morphologies of SnO2 nanostructures including nanobulks, nanospheres, nanorods, and nanowires were successfully synthesized via a simple hydrothermal method assisted with different surfactants. X-ray powder diffraction(More)
The diverse α-scorpion toxins are invaluable pharmacological tools and potential drugs targeting sodium channels, but the pharmacological profiles of most toxins remains unknown so far. Here, we reported pharmacological activities of two novel α-scorpion toxins LmαTX3 and LmαTX5 from the Lychas mucronatus. Using the expression vector pET-28a, the(More)
The detection of partial discharge and analysis of the composition and content of sulfur hexafluoride SF₆ gas components are important to evaluate the operating state and insulation level of gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) equipment. This paper reported a novel sensing material made of pure ZnO and NiO-decorated ZnO nanoflowers which were synthesized by a(More)
Long-chain scorpion toxins with four disulfide bridges exhibit various pharmacological features towards the different voltage-gated sodium channel subtypes. However, the toxin production still remains a huge challenge. Here, we reported the effects of different expression vectors on the pharmacological properties of a novel toxin BmαTX47 from the scorpion(More)
The homeostasis of self-renewal and differentiation in stem cells is controlled by intrinsic signals and their niche. We conducted a large-scale RNA interference (RNAi) screen in Drosophila testes and identified 221 genes required for germline stem cell (GSC) maintenance or differentiation. Knockdown of these genes in transit-amplifying spermatogonia and(More)
Scorpion toxins are invaluable pharmacological tools for studying ion channels and potential drugs for channelopathies. The long-chain toxins from scorpion venom with four disulfide bridges exhibit their unusual bioactivity or biotoxicity by acting on the sodium channels. However, the functional properties of most toxins are still unclear due to their tiny(More)
Highly sensitive acetone chemical sensor was fabricated using ZnO nanoballs modified silver electrode. A low temperature, facile, template-free hydrothermal technique was adopted to synthesize the ZnO nanoballs with an average diameter of 80 ± 10 nm. The XRD and UV-Vis. studies confirmed the excellent crystallinity and optical properties of the synthesized(More)
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