Lingling Z. Dong

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Mutations correlating phenotypic resistance level with the injectable second-line anti-tuberculosis drugs (SLDs) including kanamycin (KAN), amikacin (AMK), and capreomycin (CAP) remain elusive. A collection of 114 Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates from mainland China was analyzed. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of each strain was(More)
BACKGROUND A review of the scientific literature concluded that indirect smear can improve detection of TB in sputum compared to direct smear. However few laboratories have access to centrifugation in order to perform indirect smear. This study investigated whether an alternative method of magnetic bead concentration could enhance diagnosis of TB in China(More)
BACKGROUND Mycobacterium avium is frequently isolated from clinical samples, while the bacteriological features of M. avium clinical isolates from China have never been well defined. METHODS A total of 50 M. avium isolates were recruited from two tertiary tuberculosis designated hospitals, one located in Beijing whereas another in Fujian Province, which(More)
The epidemiology of Mycobacterium bovis infection in humans in China is unknown. In this study, pulmonary tuberculosis caused by M. bovis in China was studied. A total of 4069 clinical strains isolated from sputa during the 2007-2009 nationwide surveillance of drug-resistant tuberculosis in China were analyzed. M. bovis was identified by para-nitrobenzoic(More)
Antofloxacin (AFX) is a novel fluoroquinolone that has been approved in China for the treatment of infections caused by a variety of bacterial species. We investigated whether it could be repurposed for the treatment of tuberculosis by studying its in vitro activity. We determined the wild-type and non-wild-type MIC ranges for AFX as well as ofloxacin(More)
SpaceWire is a high-speed, full-duplex serial bus standard which is mainly used in the aerospace and other harsh environment, requiring high reliability. The traditional verification methods ,such as simulation and test, are not complete. In this paper, we present our experience on the model checking of data flow control of SpaceWire using the SMV tool.(More)
In this paper we display a practical approach adopted for the formal verification of SpaceWire using model checking to solve state explosion. SpaceWire is a high-speed, full-duplex serial bus standard which is applied in aerospace, so its functions have very high accuracy requirements. In order to prove the design of the SpaceWire was faithfully implements(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the population-genetics characteristics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) prevailing at the Sichuan basin of China. METHODS A total of 413 MTB strains collected from Sichuan basin were genotyped by large sequence polymorphism (LSP) and 15 loci variable number tandem repeat (VNTR). Difference between the distribution of lineage(More)
Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) is a deadly form of TB that can be incurable due to its extreme drug resistance. In this study, we aimed to explore the in vitro susceptibility to bedaquiline (BDQ), delamanid (DMD), linezolid (LZD), clofazimine (CLO), moxifloxacin (MFX), and gatifloxacin (GAT) of 90 XDR-TB strains isolated from patients in(More)