Lingling Sheng

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The impairment of wound healing in diabetic patients is an important clinical problem affecting millions of patients worldwide. Various clinical and basic science studies show that stem cell therapy, as a regenerative medical therapy, can be a good solution. In this paper, we begin with an introduction of the cellular mechanism of the diabetic ulcer. We(More)
The tissue expansion technique has been applied to obtain new skin tissue to repair large defects in clinical practice. The implantation of tissue expander could initiate a host response to foreign body (FBR), which leads to fibrotic encapsulation around the expander and prolongs the period of tissue expansion. Tanshinon IIA (Tan IIA) has been shown to have(More)
Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell (BM-MSC) transplantation has been demonstrated to be an effective way of augmenting angiogenesis of ischemic tissue. The low oxygen conditions in ischemic tissue directly affect the biological behavior of engrafted cells. However, to date, the mechanism through which hypoxia regulates self-renewal, differentiation(More)
The service industry in Zhejiang province has experienced great success in total expansion, structural adjustment, as well as the improvement of economic benefit and absorption of labor force, since the reform and opening up. Analyzing the status and influential factors of the service industry in Zhejiang, proposing solutions to accelerating its(More)
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