Lingling Rong

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The pc4 protein encoded by rice stripe virus (RSV) is a viral movement protein (MP). A transmembrane (TM) domain spanning AAs 106-123 of pc4 was identified and shown to be essential for localization of pc4 to plasmodesmata (PD) (but not to chloroplasts) and for its ability to recover the movement of movement-deficient PVX. Analysis of alanine-scanning(More)
Viral infections cause plant chlorosis, stunting, necrosis or other symptoms. The down-regulation of chloroplast-related genes (ChRGs) is assumed to be responsible for chlorosis. We identified the differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in Rice stripe virus (RSV)-infected Nicotiana benthamiana, and examined the contribution of 75 down-regulated DEGs to RSV(More)
A novel approach towards 7b-aryl-indeno[1,2,3-jk]fluorene based on a nitrogen-containing core is reported. The acid-promoted Friedel-Crafts reaction of 9-(2-bromophenyl)-9-fluorenol with carbazole, triphenylamine or triindole afforded 9-(2-bromophenyl)fluorenyl-carbazole, -triphenylamine and -triindole derivatives, which were subsequently converted to(More)
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