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Integrated flood vulnerability assessment approach based on TOPSIS and Shannon entropy methods
An integrated flood vulnerability assessment approach is proposed here by combining a multi-criteria decision making technique, the technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS), with the Shannon entropy method. Expand
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Joint Risk of Rainfall and Storm Surges during Typhoons in a Coastal City of Haidian Island, China
Public health risks from urban floods are a global concern. A typhoon is a devastating natural hazard that is often accompanied by heavy rainfall and high storm surges and causes serious floods inExpand
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Multiple flood vulnerability assessment approach based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and coordinated development degree model.
We develop an approach to reveal the relationship between exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity for better flood vulnerability assessment, based on the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method (FCEM). Expand
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Joint Probability Analysis of Extreme Precipitation and Storm Tide in a Coastal City under Changing Environment
Catastrophic flooding resulting from extreme meteorological events has occurred more frequently and drawn great attention in recent years in China. In coastal areas, extreme precipitation and stormExpand
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Water system integration and optimization in a yeast enterprise
Abstract Water system integration is an effective way to save freshwater and reduce wastewater in enterprises. Water system integration treats the water system in an enterprise as a whole andExpand
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Development of a landscape indicator to evaluate the effect of landscape pattern on surface runoff in the Haihe River Basin
Abstract The Haihe River Basin has become a watershed that suffers from intensive interference from human activities, as landscape patterns and runoff processes have significantly changed in recentExpand
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Water Price Prediction for Increasing Market Efficiency Using Random Forest Regression: A Case Study in the Western United States
The existence of water markets establishes water prices, promoting trading of water from low- to high-valued uses. However, market participants can face uncertainty when asking and offering pricesExpand
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Staged Optimization Design for Updating Urban Drainage Systems in a City of China
Flooding has been reported more often than in the past in most cities of China in recent years. In response, China’s State Council has urged the 36 largest cities to update the preparedness to handleExpand
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Investigating and optimizing the water footprint in a typical coal energy and chemical base of China.
The water scarcity in China's coal bases is intensifying due to rapid development of modern coal chemical industry and inefficient water utilization. Previous studies on industrial water optimizationExpand
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Assessment of Water Resources Sustainability in Mainland China in Terms of Water Intensity and Efficiency
Investigation into water resources sustainability (WRS) is vital for a regional sustainable development strategy. This paper aimed to quantitatively evaluate the WRS in mainland China using aExpand
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