Lingliang Long

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Reduced graphene oxide (RGO)-porphyrin (TPP) nanohybrids (RGO-TPP 1 and RGO-TPP 2) were prepared by two synthetic routes that involve functionalization of the RGO using diazonium salts. The microscopic structures, morphology, photophysical properties and nonlinear optical performance of the resultant RGO-TPP nanohybrids were investigated. The covalent(More)
A novel porphyrin derivative bearing one D-π-A-π-D pyrimidine chromophore at the periphery was designed, prepared, and studied using the Z-scan technique, the results showing that this compound exhibits enhanced nonlinear optical (NLO) absorption, refraction and optical limiting responses. The significant NLO properties can be ascribed to an effective(More)
A fluorescence turn-on probe for Cu(2+) based on the novel copper-mediated dihydrorosamine oxidation reaction has been constructed and employed in the detection of Cu(2+) in water, new born calf serum, and living cells, and the new copper-mediated dihydrorosamine oxidation reaction likely proceeds by a copper redox mechanism.
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