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The fusion of the heterogeneous sensors can greatly improve the environmental perception ability of mobile robots. And that the primary difficulty of heterogeneous sensors fusion is the calibration of depth scan information and plane image information for a laser rangefinder and a camera. Firstly, a coordinate transformation method from a laser rangefinder(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of rhTNF-alpha on human sperm mitochondrial function and motility in vitro. METHODS Fifty-six semen samples collected by masturbation were analyzed according to WHO protocols. Semen samples from 40 healthy men were prepared using Percoll centrifugation. Sperm suspension was diluted to a concentration of 10 x 10(6)/ml in Ham's(More)
The development of gene transfection technologies has greatly advanced our understanding of life sciences. While use of viral vectors has clear efficacy, it requires specific expertise and biological containment conditions. Electroporation has become an effective and commonly used method for introducing DNA into neurons and in intact brain tissue. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the association between the cancer related fatigue and social support in breast cancer patients after chemotherapy. METHODS According to the uniform inclusive and exclusive criteria, 396 breast cancer patients after chemotherapy were sampled randomly from 4 hospitals in Changsha and investigated on the spot by cancer fatigue scale and(More)
This paper proposes an integrated framework for fault prediction in the robot dead reckoning system. The integrated framework is built by particle filter and support vector machine (SVM). On the basis, the weighted fault probability parameters can be extracted to train the prediction model. Different from the traditional particle filter fault prediction(More)
Through the analysis of one-vs.-one, one-vs.-rest and the decision tree mechanism of binary support vector machine emotion classifiers, a method based on feature-driven hierarchical support vector machine is proposed for speech emotion recognition. For each layer, classifier used different feature parameters to drive its performance, and each emotion is(More)
Interactive bionics-swarm co-evolutionary hybrid algorithm system architecture is presented by using cultural double evolutionary structure in this paper. The architecture includes the upper ceiling knowledge space based on good-point-set genetic algorithm (GGA), the bottom ceiling population space based on discrete particle swarm optimization (DPSO), the(More)
Based on the dynamics nonlinearities of a nonholonomic mobile robot, an advanced fuzzy immune PED-type control algorithm is proposed for robot path tracking. The novel tracking controller combines fuzzy control, immune feedback mechanism of organism with conventional PID control. In the algorithm, fuzzy immune PID controller is improved through the mixed(More)
Membrane microdomains or "lipid rafts" have emerged as essential functional modules of the cell, critical for the regulation of growth factor receptor-mediated responses. Herein we describe the dichotomy between caveolin-1 and caveolin-2, structural and regulatory components of microdomains, in modulating proliferation and differentiation. Caveolin-2(More)
The traditional evolution algorithm usually traps into local optimization easily. Aiming to the drawback of evolution algorithm, we propose a novel mobile robot path planning approach of immune evolutionary algorithm in irregular environment. The advantages of this method lie in two aspects. The diversity of antibodies can be maintained. Meanwhile immunity(More)