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In this study, we found 985 genes that change expression in the cortex and the medulla of the kidney with age. Some of the genes whose transcripts increase in abundance with age are known to be specifically expressed in immune cells, suggesting that immune surveillance or inflammation increases with age. The age-regulated genes show a similar aging profile(More)
—This brief presents a reconfigurable VLSI architecture which is designed for multi-transform codec in several video coding standards of MPEG-2/4, VC-1, H.264/AVC and AVS. The reconfigurable multiple constant multiplication algorithm with two fusing strategies is provided to generate constant multipliers in the matrix calculation blocks. Additionally,(More)
The kidney is a highly specialized organ with a complex, stereotyped architecture and a great diversity of functions and cell types. Because the microscopic organization of the nephron, the functional unit of the kidney, has a consistent relationship to the macroscopic anatomy of the kidney, knowledge of the characteristic patterns of gene expression in(More)
— Partially reconfigurable systems are promising computing platforms for streaming applications, which demand both hardware efficiency and reconfigurable flexibility. To realize the full potential of these systems, a streaming-based partially reconfigurable architecture and unified software/hardware mul-tithreaded programming model (SPREAD) is presented in(More)
Deriving a circuit for a Boolean function or improving an available circuit are typical tasks solved by logic synthesis. Numerous algorithms in this area have been proposed and implemented over the last 50 years. This paper presents a "lazy" approach to logic synthesis based on the following observations: (a) optimal or near-optimal circuits for many(More)
—As a promising computing platform for stream processing, partially reconfigurable systems have shown their hardware efficiency and reconfiguration flexibility. This paper presents a partially reconfigurable architecture supporting hardware threads. It gives a unified software/hardware thread interface and high throughput point-to-point streaming structure.(More)
—This paper presents a parallel and incremental solver for stochastic capacitance extraction. The random geometrical variation is described by stochastic geometrical moments, which lead to a densely augmented system equation. To efficiently extract the capacitance and solve the system equation, a parallel fast-multipole-method (FMM) is developed in the(More)