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The contribution proposes a frame structure in the LE bands. The proposed frame has a Silence part to allow 802.11a operation. Channel hand over between BWA and WLAN systems is considered. Purpose Assist 802.16a to enable coexistence with 802.11. Notice This document has been prepared to assist IEEE 802.16. It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not(More)
Radar emitter classification is a special application of data clustering for classifying unknown radar emitters from received radar pulse samples. The main challenges of this task are the high dimensionality of radar pulse samples, small sample group size, and closely located radar pulse clusters. In this paper, two new online clustering algorithms are(More)
The following facile approach has been developed to prepare a biomimetic-structural superhydrophobic surface with high stabilities and strong resistances on 2024 Al alloy that are robust to harsh environments. First, a simple hydrothermal treatment in a La(NO3)3 aqueous solution was used to fabricate ginkgo-leaf like nanostructures, resulting in a(More)
The present work demonstrates a generalized strategy using water-only hydrothermal oxidation to construct complex biomimetic micronanostructures on a series of metals and alloys, resulting in superhydrophilic surfaces. This general approach is environmentally-benign and cost-effective, which offers a unique clue for the rational fabrication of(More)
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