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—Our previously proposed OFDM with sufficient cyclic prefix (CP) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging algorithm is inter-range-cell interference (IRCI) free and achieves ideally zero range sidelobes for range reconstruction. In this OFDM SAR imaging algorithm, the minimum required CP length is almost equal to the number of range cells in a swath, while(More)
In this paper, we propose MIMO OFDM radar with sufficient cyclic prefix (CP), where all OFDM pulses transmitted from different transmitters share the same frequency band and are orthogonal to each other for every subcarrier in the discrete frequency domain. The orthogonality is not affected by time delays from transmitters. Thus, our proposed MIMO OFDM(More)
The problem of adaptively detecting a range distributed target or targets in Gaussian interference is considered in this paper. It is assumed that a set of secondary data is available. Firstly, we derive the adaptive Rao and Wald tests with one-step detection algorithm, and find that both of them are of the same asymptotic performance as the GLRT one.(More)