Lingjian Chen

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Since the ionizing radiation may induce cancers and genetic damages in the patient, it is highly desirable to minimize the X-ray dose during a CT scan. As one of the local imaging techniques, the Lambda imaging reduces the X-ray dose and imaging time. But the existence of the singular values results in the low quality of the image. The broad applications of(More)
Serial number is an important component to paper money. It is an important identifier to every piece of paper money. This paper presents an effective method on segmentation and recognition of RMB serial number. This methodology can be classified as three stages: preprocessing stage, Serial number segmentation stage and serial number recognition stage. The(More)
We propose an improved super-short-scan reconstruction algorithm for fan-beam computed tomography based on pi-lines in this paper. Within the framework of the classic FBP algorithm, this new algorithm can achieve exact reconstruction of the region of interest (ROI), if and only if all lines passing through the ROI intersect the source trajectory. The new(More)
Because the medical CT scanner is rapidly evolving from fan-beam to cone-beam geometry, we motivate to take advantages of Noo's formula for cone-beam reconstruction with higher temporal resolution. Feldkamp <i>et</i> <i>al.</i> proposed a practical cone-beam reconstruction algorithm for full scan data collected on a circular locus in 1984. It is known that(More)
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