Linghuan Hu

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Complex software systems present significant challenges to existing software testing techniques. Simply applying exhaustive testing will lead to the execution of a prohibitively large number of test cases. Furthermore, many testing techniques today provide neither promising coverage achievement nor reliable fault detection strength. In this paper, we(More)
In response to the highly competitive market and the pressure to cost-effectively release good-quality software, companies have adopted the concept of software product line to reduce development cost. However, testing and debugging of each product, even from the same family, is still done independently. This can be very expensive. To solve this problem, we(More)
Software, in many different fields and tasks, hasplayed a critical role and even replaced humans to improveefficiency and safety. However, catastrophic consequences can becaused by implementation bugs and design defects. Modifiedcondition/decision coverage (MC/DC), required by the FederalAviation Administration on Level A (the most safety criticalsystem),(More)
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