Linghua Chen

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AIMS Immunotherapy is an important treatment for pancreatic cancer (PC) patients. To evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of immunotherapy in the treatment of PC, we performed a systemic review and meta-analysis of the relevant published clinical trials, collectively referred to as DC, DC-CIK, LAK, NK and GM-CSF secreting PC cell lines. MATERIALS & METHODS (More)
BACKGROUND Black rice (Oryza sativa L.), whose pericarp is rich in anthocyanins (ACNs), is considered as a healthier alternative to white rice. Molecular species of ACNs in black rice have been well documented in previous studies; however, information about the metabolic mechanisms underlying ACN biosynthesis during black rice grain development is unclear.(More)
We propose and experimentally demonstrate a broadband and high efficient circularly polarizing dichroism using a simple single-cycle and single-helical plasmonic surface array arranged in square lattice. Two types of helical surface structures (partially or completely covered with a gold film) are investigated. It is shown that the circular polarization(More)
We proposed and demonstrated an integrated high energy efficient and high linearly polarized InGaN/GaN green LED grown on (0001) oriented sapphire with combined metasurface polarizing converter and polarizer system. It is different from those conventional polarized light emissions generated with plasmonic metallic grating in which at least 50% high energy(More)
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