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Dynamic Channel Modeling for Multi-Sensor Body Area Networks
A channel model for time-variant multi-link wireless body area networks (WBANs) is proposed in this paper, based on an extensive measurement campaign using a multi-port channel sounder. A total of 12Expand
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Parameterization of the COST 2100 MIMO channel model in indoor scenarios
The COST 2100 MIMO channel model is the latest evolution of the geometry-based stochastic channel models developed by the COST actions. This paper provides a full parameterization of the COST 2100Expand
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An ultra-wideband SAGE algorithm for body area networks
Body Area Networks (BANs) consist of a set of bio-sensors placed on the human body and measuring some physiological or contextual information. The data are collected by some central devices locatedExpand
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Fading correlation measurement and modeling on the front side of a human body
In this paper, measurement results for narrowband channel fading along the front side of human body at 2.45 GHz are presented. A simple propagation model corresponding to the investigated scenario isExpand
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Development of multi-link geometry-based stochastic channel models
A general aim of geometry-based stochastic channel models (GSCMs) is provision of imaginary, but realistic propagation channel responses that can be used as a reference channel in evaluatingExpand
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Investigation of channel spatial diversity for dual-link cooperative communications in WBAN
In this work, we investigate the spatial diversity gain offered by on-body channels in indoor environments. Narrowband on-body channel measurements are conducted in a dual-link topology, to coverExpand
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Azimuth radiation pattern characterization of omnidirectional antennas near a human body
In this paper, measurements of radiation patterns for an antenna close to the human body at different frequencies are presented. An analytical channel model based on multiple cylinder scattering isExpand
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Comparison of delay and angular spreads between channel measurements and the COST2100 channel model
The COST2100 channel model is a reference channel model which provides dynamic multiple-input multiple-output channel responses for radio system simulations. In this paper, channels created by theExpand
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Validation of the COST2100 channel model in indoor environments
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