Lingfang Sun

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Fouling of heat transfer equipments is a common problem in modern industry. Because the traditional fouling monitoring thermodynamic approach has low credibility, ultrasonic echo method is proposed to monitor fouling. Usually the fouling layer of equipment is thin, echo is overlapped and cluttered, and it is difficult to extract features from signals.(More)
According to boiler-turbine unit, a complex non-linear MIMO system, this paper uses neural network inverse control method, which has already been successfully used in robot arm control and multi-motor control, to realize the decoupling control of this system. Then a compound single neuron PID controller is designed for this decoupled system. Simulation(More)
The precision of fouling prediction has important significance to the design and countermeasure of heat exchanger. Whereas, the research on the fouling prediction based on Relevance Vector Machine (RVM) was carried on. The implement steps of prediction based on RVM were introduced and the predict curves were given. The simulation result showed that, the(More)
Based on the improved bi-directional pulsed voltage method, a kind of new on-line electrical conductivity instrument was designed. By using the bi-directional pulse-width adjustable voltage as excitation source, the instrument can adjust width of pulsed voltage automatically according to different solution to eliminate capacitance effect and weak(More)
The research on the fouling prediction of heat exchanger is significantly to improve operational efficiency and economic benefits of the plants. Heat exchanger fouling prediction was introduced based on Support Vector Machine (SVM), and the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) was applied for optimizing the parameters of the support vector machine. One of the(More)
The fouling of heat exchanger is an unsolved difficult problem in all over the world. The research on the fouling prediction of heat exchanger is significantly to improve operational efficiency and economic benefits of the plants. The application of Support Vector Machine (SVM) based on Statistical Learning Theory to predict heat exchanger fouling was(More)
Based on the linear polarization method and the weak polarization method, a new on-line monitoring system for metal corrosion was developed, and the metal corrosion rate and polarization resistance was on-line measured and real-time displayed. Compared with the result obtained with a constant potential meter, the monitoring system have many advantages, such(More)
Based on cloud theory, an improved algorithm on RBF neural networks is presented with replaced Gauss radial basic function by normal cloud model, and verification was put in effect with fouling data. The conclusion shows that the improved algorithm is superior to the classical RBF in prediction and the actual result is well. Simultaneously, the improved(More)
The application of wavelet neural network based on Levenberg-Marquardt Optimization to predict heat exchanger fouling is reported in this paper. We construct a 6-6-1 network according to the fouling monitor principle and parameters, the modeling of the wavelet neural network programmed with MATLAB, and trained with Levenberg-Marquarde Optimization(More)
To adopt protective measure and guarantee safe and economic operation for heat exchanger, it's necessary to accurate monitor and evaluate fouling and corrosion of heat exchanger. Point at the imperfection of present method to monitor fouling and corrosion of heat exchanger, A new practical online equipment was developed based on the soft-measure technology(More)
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