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Reputation systems constitute an important institution to help sustain trust in online auction markets. However, only half of buyers leave feedback after transactions, and nearly all of it is positive. In this paper, I propose a mechanism whereby sellers can provide rebates (not necessarily in monetary form) to buyers contingent upon buyers’ provision of(More)
Sen’s classic social choice result supposedly demonstrates a conflict between Pareto and even minimal forms of liberalism. By providing the first direct mathematical proof of this seminal result, we underscore a significantly different interpretation: rather than conflicts among rights, Sen’s result occurs because the liberalism assumption negates the(More)
Rating systems measuring quality of products and services (i.e., the state of the world) are widely used to solve the asymmetric information problem in markets. Decision makers typically make binary decisions such as buy/hold/sell based on aggregated individuals’ opinions presented in the form of ratings. Problems arise, however, when different rating(More)
Nano-sized nickel oxide (nano-NiO) is a new nanomaterial that has shown great promise in many areas of application. Understanding its environmental fate and effects is critical for minimizing the potential environmental implications of this new material due to incidental and accidental releases in the future. In this study, we observed strong adsorption of(More)
Objective: The study was designed to evaluate the role of Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection on homebox (HOX) gene expression and the effects of overexpression of HOX genes on proliferation and apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs). Methods: Viral infection was verified by observation of cytopathic effects through inverted microscopy, viral(More)
The present study was to examine influence of epichlorohydrin (ECH) modification on structure and properties of glycerol-plasticized wheat gliadin films casting from ethanol/water (70/30 v/v) solution. The modified films were characterized using proton nuclear magnetic resonance ((1)H NMR), Fourier transformation infrared (FTIR) spectra, dynamic mechanical(More)