Lingeswari V. Chandra

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Gradually, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been dominating the telecommunications world. Unfortunately, its applications are injecting a huge number of small packets in the network, which produces high overhead and therefore wastes network bandwidth. This paper proposed the use of a novel multiplexing technique, Delta-Multiplexing, to save the(More)
6LoWPAN enables IPv6 to be applied to wireless sensor network and enable end to end communication. One of the 6lopwan features is the capability of dynamic assignment of 16 bit short addresses. Using this feature a hierarchical routing protocol was designed. The designed hierarchical routing protocol focuses on the address allocation method and routing(More)
VoIP technology is becoming increasingly important as they gain market share in PSTN technology. In the short run, it is likely that VoIP technology will dominate the telecommunications market. This evolution towards VoIP technology makes sense for improving the VoIP technology efficiency under the auspices of the internet. However, the PSTN still provide(More)
Recently the sensor communication research has introduced an IP-based communication known as 6LoWPAN to sensor network. 6LoWPAN was introduced to give a new perspective to sensor network by enabling IPv6 to be applied to wireless sensors as well as wired sensor. Dedicated routing protocols based on 6LoWPAN was soon introduced and Hierarchical Routing(More)
In this paper, we describe the formatting guidelines for IJCA Journal Submission. A digital public address (PA) system which is capable of multi-zone and text-to-speech (TTS) broadcasting functions for campus broadcasting. The digital PA system can achieve environmental broadcasting requirement which means different broadcasts for multiple zones at the same(More)
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