Lingcheng Kong

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We present a system for real-time general object recognition (gor) for indoor robot in complex scenes. A point cloud image containing the object to be recognized from a Kinect sensor, for general object at will, must be extracted a point cloud model of the object with the Cluster Extraction method, and then we can compute the global features of the object(More)
With the rapid development of wireless sensor networks, the monitoring system which is dedicated to monitor wireless sensor networks is paid more and more attention, therefore, the researches of monitoring interface for WSNs also become extremely important. The paper is mainly targeted at the design of monitoring interface for wireless sensor networks node,(More)
This paper is an introduction to the establishment process of a ZigBee water environment monitoring system. In this paper we describe the hardware and software architecture of this ZigBee wireless sensor network. We then describe the networking protocols and present the experimental networking and data collected in a lab. At the same time, this paper also(More)
This paper addressed the optimization problem of H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> proportional-integral-derivative(PID) controller tuning based on the multi-agent particle swarm optimization (MAP-SO) algorithm. Firstly, we formulated a PID controller, and in light of which, the objective function of the system was set up. Then, in order to overcome the drawback of the(More)
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