Linganagouda Kulkarni

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UNLABELLED This article reports the findings of a 3-year epidemiological survey for dementia in an urban community-resident population in Mumbai (Bombay), India, wherein the prevalence of all types of dementia was determined. METHOD The study was conducted in three stages. Stage 1: From a potential pool of 30,000 subjects aged 40 years or more, 24,488(More)
This paper illustrates the simulation of Vedic multiplier in 2-D DCT. The input data is first divided into NxN blocks, each block s of 8x8 size and 2-D DCT is applied on each of these 8x8 block and 2-D DCT is applied to reconstruct the image. The proposed 2-D DCT design uses Urdhva Tiryagbhyam a Vedic multiplication sutra and the Simulations with MATLAB(More)
In wireless multimedia networks, the process of offering Quality of Service (QoS) guaranteed multimedia services becomes more challenging owing to the limited bandwidth, dynamic environment and mobility. This problem can be overcome by a call admission control mechanism that restricts the network access based on resource availability. In this paper QoS(More)
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