Ling-yuan Li

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Septic arthritis secondary to Fusobacterium necrophorum is rare and may be related to Lemierre syndrome which classically presents as pharyngitis in young adults, followed by a septicemic illness characterized by internal jugular vein thrombosis and metastatic infection. However, there were only 5 case reports of isolated septic arthritis caused by F.(More)
BACKGROUND Rescuers that undergo acute ascent without acclimatization can experience acute mountain sickness. Although performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for a short period requires intensive effort at sea level, performing CPR at high altitude is even more exhausting and can endanger the rescuer. Therefore, we conducted a pilot study to compare(More)
A blind multiuser receiver is proposed for multiuser detection of UWB systems in a realistic indoor channel. The proposed blind multiuser receiver is based on the constant-modulus algorithm (CMA), which is known to provide satisfactory performances in a blind setting. In order to overcome the CMA interference capture problem typical of a multiuser scenario,(More)
Based on the CMA, a proved blind multiuser detection, which combined with the multistage wiener filter(MSWF) for UWB systems in a realistic indoor channel is proposed in this paper. This new algorithm had a low computational complexity without the computation of matrix inverse. The proposed MSWF+CMA receiver is shown to have simpler computational complexity(More)
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