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In three experiments, participants received nouns or noun phrases for objects and verbally generated their properties ("feature listing"). Several sources of evidence indicated that participants constructed perceptual simulations to generate properties for the noun phrases during conceptual combination. First, the production of object properties for noun(More)
1. Theoretical framework In developing a theory of knowledge, a fundamental decision must be made about the nature of representation: Should representations be modal or amodal? We address this important distinction briefly and then summarize several lines of research that bear on it empirically. Across the cognitive sciences, standard theories of knowledge(More)
Keywords: Instant messaging Task-oriented communication Simplex and complex communication Emotional effects Emoticons a b s t r a c t Many studies have shed light on general computer-mediated communication, instant messaging (IM), and emotion or emoticons, but little is known specifically about the impacts of emoticons in task-oriented IM communication in(More)
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