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This study addresses intelligent techniques for fulfilling quality control of bead-on-plate welding. A new visual double-sided sensing system capable of imaging the weld pool topside and backside simultaneously in a frame was provided to determine the weld pool geometry parameters. The imaging principle was analyzed with spectrum distribution, in which the(More)
This paper addresses intelligent techniques for the quality control of the pulsed gas tungsten arc welding process for butt joints, and it is a development to Ref. 1. Because there exist some important differences in butt joint welding and bead-on-plate welding, the modeling and control scheme in Ref. 1 does not completely fit for butt joint welding. In(More)
practical, intelligent technique for controlling the top and bottom shape of the weld pool during pulsed gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) with wire filler metal. For full penetration, the weld surface was concave in GTAW without filler metal, while a satisfactory convex shape on a bead could be achieved in GTAW with wire filler metal. Technical(More)
Through similar simulation studying, by using micro-and macro-observation method, analyzing the blasting effect of complex slotted cartridge and conventional slotted cartridge, obtain compound slotted cartridge better directional blasting effect and higher energy efficiency, and less damage to the surrounding rock, more suitable for smooth wall blasting.
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