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a r t i c l e i n f o Understanding the antecedents and consequences of customer satisfaction in the mobile communications market is important. This study explores the effects of service quality and justice on customer satisfaction, which, in turn, affects continuance intention of mobile services. Service quality, justice and customer satisfaction were(More)
Users' continuance intention is vital to the future of micro-blogging service with rapid development and intensive competitions among its providers. This study examines how network externalities, in terms of perceived network size and perceived complementarity, enhance micro-blogging service users' perceived interactivity, and how such perception of(More)
Post's correspondence problem (PCP) is a classic undecid-able problem. Its theoretical unbounded search space makes it hard to judge whether a PCP instance has a solution, and to find the solutions if they exist. In this paper, we describe new application-dependent methods used to efficiently find optimal solutions to individual instances, and to identify(More)
This research-in-process study aimed to explore the factors affecting users' satisfaction and continuance intention of micro-blogging service. Based upon summarization of the features of micro-blogging service and literature review on interactivity, we proposed the conceptual research model. This study proposed that user satisfaction toward micro-blogging(More)