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Automated breast cancer detection and classification using ultrasound images: A survey
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women all over the world. Since the cause of the disease remains unknown, early detection and diagnosis is the key for breast cancer control,Expand
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Searching the World's Herbaria: A System for Visual Identification of Plant Species
We describe a working computer vision system that aids in the identification of plant species. A user photographs an isolated leaf on a blank background, and the system extracts the leaf shape andExpand
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Deep Lesion Graphs in the Wild: Relationship Learning and Organization of Significant Radiology Image Findings in a Diverse Large-Scale Lesion Database
Radiologists in their daily work routinely find and annotate significant abnormalities on a large number of radiology images. Such abnormalities, or lesions, have collected over years and stored inExpand
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A neutrosophic approach to image segmentation based on watershed method
Neutrosophy studies the origin, nature, scope of neutralities, and their interactions with different ideational spectra. It is a new philosophy to extend the fuzzy logic and is the basis ofExpand
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An adaptive beam model and dynamic characteristics of magnetorheological materials
Magnetorheological (MR) materials show variations in their rheological properties when subjected to varying magnetic fields. They have quick time response, in the order of milliseconds, and thus areExpand
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The Quotient Space Theory of Problem Solving
The paper introduces a framework of quotient space theory of problem solving. In the theory, a problem (or problem space) is represented as a triplet, including the universe, its structure andExpand
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A geometrical representation of McCulloch-Pitts neural model and its applications
In this paper, a geometrical representation of McCulloch-Pitts neural model is presented. From the representation, a clear visual picture and interpretation of the model can be seen. Two interestingExpand
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Rapid and sensitive dot-matrix methods for genome analysis
MOTIVATION Dot-matrix plots are widely used for similarity analysis of biological sequences. Many algorithms and computer software tools have been developed for this purpose. Though some of theseExpand
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Toward a semantic search engine based on ontologies
Semantic search requires a search engine to properly interpret the meaning of a user's query and the inherent relations among the terms that a document contains with respect to a specific domain. WeExpand
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Validation of the ESA CCI soil moisture product in China
Abstract The quality of a newly merged soil moisture product (ECV_SM v0.1) from active and passive microwave sensors has attracted widespread international attention. The performance evaluation ofExpand
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